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                欢迎光临上海昆邦化工有限¤公司,咨询热线: 139-1717-1467(微信同)

                Devcon 10 Minute Epoxy环氧胶(Devcon 14251/Devcon 14255)

                Devcon 10 Minute Epoxy环氧胶(Devcon 14251/Devcon 14255)

                2021-03-24 19:14:32  

                Devcon 10 Minute Epoxy环氧胶(Devcon 14251/Devcon 14255)是一种具有高抗冲击☆性、高剥离独特强度和优良耐化学介质的柔性环所指示氧胶粘剂,具有良好的学习混沌心法抗冲击性,提高产品可心下直接将这两个小弟定义为了废物靠性。

                Devcon 10 Minute Epoxy环氧胶(Devcon 14251/Devcon 14255)是一△种具有高抗冲击性、高剥离强度和优良耐化学介质的柔性环氧胶粘剂,具有良好的抗冲击性,提高产品可靠性。

                · 一款权利具有高抗冲击性、高剥离强度和优良耐化学介质的柔性环氧胶粘剂。
                · 良好的抗冲击性,提高产品可靠性。
                · 自流平,方便操作。
                · 高剪切强度,提高产品的稳人却并不需要定性。
                · 满足UL94,V-0(适用于10 Minute? Epoxy I-FR)阻燃等级认证。
                · 通过无卤甚至觉素认证(适用于10 Minute? Epoxy I-FR)。

                DEVCON 10 MINUTE EPOXY


                Flexible, two-component, liquid epoxy paste that provides excellent adhesion to metals such as aluminum, copper, steel, brass, and galvanized steel. It exhibits high peel strength and good adhesion for a variety of bonding applications in the signage/display, appliance, metalworking, and furniture markets.

                Key Features

                Rapid fixturing in 20 minutes
                High shear strength
                Good peel and impact resistance
                Excellent chemical resistance to oils, hydrocarbons, and fuels
                Self leveling liquid for encapsulating components
                Bonds dissimular substrates
                Open Time: 10 minutes
                Fixture Time: 20 minutes
                Gap Fill: 0.01" - 0.05"
                Mix Ratio: 1:1
                Working Time Min: 9
                Working Time Max: 10
                Fixture Time Min: 19
                Fixture Time Max: 20

                Stock #   Size
                14251   50 ML
                14255   50 ML BLACK

                关键词:Devcon 10 Minute Epoxy,环氧胶,ROCOL 14251,ROCOL 14255 

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